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About Us

Through yoga, sound healing, private sessions and Sophia Circles® we seek to raise your awareness to higher vibratory states. Incorporating teachings from the Andes, Peru, and parts of the US we are here to guide you on your personal journey for your own practice.

Image by Fabrizio Conti

"Mysti and Kris are true shamans of sound and vibrational healing. Their crystals reflect their high frequency, characteristics and beauty. Kris and Mysti's selection on Crystals are of the highest quality to work with your physical, mental and spiritual being."

— Leela Hutchison

About Mysti

Mysti is an Empathic Mystic who has traveled to many places around the World to experience sacred ceremony. Her passion is sharing yoga, sound healing, Sophia Code® and ceremony with the World. She loves being able to express her true self in her work. Mysti's ultimate goal is to help students find a pathway to their own inner MaGicK while using their bodies as that vehicle of transformation.



Over the years Mysti has done extensive traveling learning from the indigenous people of Nepal and Peru. This knowledge has furthered her understanding of ceremony, energy and reciprocity. Mysti understands life is much easier when you walk through it in a state of conscious awareness, feeling the interactions in which you take part. With this frame of mind, you can easily find yourself in people and circumstances everywhere you go, called symbiosis.


Her studies and revelations have given her a wealth of new perspectives and ways of looking at life, making her far more effective in general while instilling a sense of self-fulfillment in all she does. Feeling joyful, more connected to herself and others and identifying the things that matter most to her. She teaches people how to create their Heaven on Earth realities by focusing on the Magick that already exists within each and everyone of us.


Mysti is also an Ordained Minister and has certifications in Yoga, Sound Healing, Sophia Circle Leadership®, Advanced Massage, Ascended Numerology, Ayurverdic Clinical Specialist and Ayurvedic Rituals for Women Through the Lifespan.

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About Kris

Kris has been drawn to the natural world and the mysteries behind the everyday experience for most of his life. A student of Vibrational Geometry, Kris seeks to bridge the evolutionary potential of our creative awareness with the rich harmonies hidden within the tapestry of universal consciousness.



Kris has travelled broadly within the ancient and modern spiritual traditions of North & South America, India, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East in order to experience, integrate, and share the vibrational wisdom of human, animal, plant, mineral, and spirit alike. Kris often works with Crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums, or rattles in combination with his voice to build a sound bridge between the gross and subtle realms of being, spirit, and creative source intelligence.

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