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Our Shop

Ageless Yogis has carefully chosen to collaborate with the highest quality sound tools and products we could find for the purpose of sound healing. Not only do we offer the best when it comes to sacred musical instruments, but our personal customer service and MaGicKaL Blessings over each item purchased is a one of a kind experience you will not get anywhere else.


Sound Bowls

Each bowl is a piece of art, very unique & one of a kind. We may have another bowl come into our stock in the future, that has the same name of the bowl you order today but it will be different. This is why the bowls we offer are hand picked, special one of a kind bowls. Well worth the purchase when you consider no one else in the World will have exactly the same bowl as you!

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Music & Sounds

by Kris

Kris is a celestial channel, bringing the sounds of Heaven to this Earth through vibration and frequency. Listening to Kris's Songs may increase your bodies ability to self heal or bring ease to any transitional states you are experiencing. Changes in our lives and world can be challenging sometimes, but these sound pieces can help bring more synchronicity and have an overall calming affect to the body, heart and soul.

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