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Our Services

We aspire to bring you a holistic approach to your individual healing journey. At Ageless Yogis we offer a serene, tranquil environment online or offline for people who are seeking wellness. We create this space through our services with love and compassion for you to experience inner peace and renewal.

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The practice of yoga represents the perfect union of breathe and discipline. When tailored to your unique needs, goals and physical condition, it can provide connection, healing and a sustainable plan for holistic wellness. Develop your perfect union through Yoga and discover the flexibility, strength and self-fulfillment you deserve.

Mysti gently guides you towards stillness, inner peace, and wholeness by building your strength, stamina, and flexibility. Mystic flow yoga, a combination of yin and vinyasa, is a well-rounded workout for the mind, body and soul. Mysti integrates the healing practices of sound therapy into the yoga classes; the unique combination of movement, breathing, music, and inspirational language awakens your core energy and instills a deep sense of relaxation, meditation, and clarity. This practice can easily be tailored to your body and levels of comfort and ability as it incorporates meditation and philosophy with personal awareness and alignment.

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Fine-tune your body and initiate healing through a centuries-old technique that can extract toxins from your muscle and tissues, improve circulation, and reduce stress. Mysti uses a holistic, intuitive process that reads your body's physical signs and energies to ensure the source of the discomfort is targeted, not just the outlying symptoms. Then using a combination of alternative healing massage and body work. This addresses the specific points of stress and tension that have built up through a day filled with stationary positions at a desk or behind the wheel, gently relieving the strain and pressure embedded in the muscles and tissue of your body.

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Ageless Yogis



In this intuitive transformational 60 minute session you have one on one time with Kris and Mysti that will be life changing! Through the use of sound, we will explore the multi-dimensional and energetic nature of personal and collective reality together. Operating on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, sound is capable of quieting the mind and bridging our conscious awareness with that which is present for you in any given moment. Much like a radio operator that tunes their radio to receive the desired channel, much awaits you to be discovered! It is with all of us to make these connections, sometimes all takes is the intention to allow our innate capacities to listen and to receive to become the focus of our attention for a time. This work is about resourcing the power of your direct experience. While Kris & Mysti are happy to share in the wisdom of their experiences of this world and others, it is through connecting with the sovereign power of your own 'I am' presence that facilitates your own healing and illumination. Whether you are freshly starting on your journey of self discovery, healing, learning, and growth or one who has been long on this road and feels there may be something for you in the harmonies and vibrations of our shared time together... It is an honor to meet you where you are, to be present with you, and to step into the mystery by your side as supportive guides and as experienced navigators. No one has to feel alone in their spiritual awakening.


We invite you to accelerate your ascension process, expand your intuitive abilities, and deepen your connection with and receive more of the infinite being that you already are! 


  • Become aware of yourself as a multidimensional being having a human experience

  • Connect to your higher self and tune into the frequencies of your parallel lives

  • Connect with your spiritual guides, teachers, or Ascended Masters Discover your inner stargates and connect with your ancestral lines, lineages, star families, and galactic origins.

  • Receive frequency healings, upgrades, and atunements

  • Experience Shamanic journeying utilizing your own breath and imagination as a vehicle to access the inner and unseen worlds

  • Activate your 12 strand DNA Journey into parallel realities

  • Realize your sacred purpose




Among one of the oldest forms of treatment in the world, and a central component of traditional Chinese medicine since the sixth century, sound healing is the most powerful healing modality that we have on the planet at this time. Our sound healing treatments represent a carefully selected combination of the world's leading healing traditions.

Common tools include:

Voice: spoken dialog and verbal prompts

Instruments: singing bowl, bells or drums

Music: arrangements including binary beats or repetitive sounds specifically chosen for meditation


Our approach uses a combination of mantras and instrumental sounds, along with guided meditation, to almost instantaneously drop your brain into a blissful state of complete meditation and relaxation. Within this realm, you access higher levels of consciousness. Your body is able to heal itself as it holistically restores its natural state of balance.


Sophia Circle ®

Activate your Higher Self embodiment in this life changing 13 week Sophia Circle Journey through the Sophia Code as a living transmission and sacred text. The Sophia Code is a modern Mystery School blueprint for accepting your Sovereign Divinity through the heart of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness.

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