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Experience The Sophia Code ®

with Sophia Circle Journeys

Join us in ceremony as we go deeper into the text of the Sophia Code® through 13 weeks of Divine Ascended Master teachings. Mysti has been certified by world-renowned Oracle, Kaia Ra, through the Sophia Dragon Tribe® and is prepared to help facilitate your journey with these teachings.


This modern day Mystery School transmits to you powerful activation's and practical tools to access your Higher Self through daily practice. Each of these Keycode Mentors have walked the same heroic journey you are on now, their Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness radiates to teach you how to command miracles for your personal growth in this lifetime.

Come experience what your reality is capable of by realizing that support, love and wisdom is encapsulating you at all times. You are worthy of your sovereign divinity and the Ascended Masters welcome you to receive their guidance.


Upcoming Schedule

Start Date & Times TBA

February 25th 10am Pacific Online

April 8th 5pm Pacific Online

June 23rd 10am Pacific Online

Now Accepting Applications Online 

*Inquire about small group discounted packages

*Get the book here: The Sophia Code

Sophia Circle Pricing

Prosperity Exchange is $33 per circle with 2 payment options...


Payment in Full


Two Payments

$214.50 / payment

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