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About Ageless Yogis

Based in the Seattle area, we began in 2013 with the goal in mind to heal the body, heart, and mind through community development of spiritual practices. Through yoga, sound healing, and Sophia Circles® we seek to raise your awareness to higher vibratory states. Incorporating teachings from the Andes, Peru, and parts of the US we are here to guide you on your personal journey for your own practice.


Our Magical Story

Mysti and Kris have traveled to many places around the World to experience sacred ceremony and found a deep Heart connection with the people of the Andes’ and Himalayas. Being able to express their true selves in their work brought them to this path of teaching.

Half Moon
Mysti Green


Half Moon


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Yoga Classes, Workshops & Retreats

Develop your perfect union through Yoga and discover the wellness, vitality and self-fulfillment you deserve. The practice of yoga represents the perfect union of breathe and discipline...


Sound Healing Sessions

Raise your vibratory field through sound. We use crystal bowls, Nepalese metallic singing bowls, tuning forks and Native American drums to raise your conscious awareness and help heal the body.

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Sophia Circles

Activate your Higher Self embodiment in this life changing 13 week Sophia Circle Journey through the Sophia Code as a living transmission and sacred text. The Sophia Code is a modern Mystery School blueprint for accepting your Sovereign Divinity through the heart of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness.

Ageless Yogis

Sound Healing

Music therapy and sound healing can be a powerful tool for individuals of all ages to address physical, emotional and spiritual health and well being.

Hayu Marca Peru "Gateway of the Gods"
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Based in Seattle, WA

(206) 371 - 8423

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