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A Glimpse Into The World of Sound Therapy

Have you ever heard a song that has made you cry?… Or experienced excitement when you hear your favorite song playing over the radio?

We know sound affects the emotional body, but do you know why?

Sound exists all around us in many forms, therefore we may go about our day not thinking too much about the transformational power of sound. All sound vibration is comprised of wave patterns, similar to the emotional waves of the human body. Sound has the ability to transmit through a solid, liquid or gas medium.

In Dr. Emotto book, “The Healing Power of Water”, he studied consciousness and the effect on the molecular structure of water. During his research, Dr. Emotto also discovered that water holds memory. This is one of the key elements of why sound has such a profound effect on the human body. Think about it…human emotions each have a vibrational frequency and you can carry old emotions in your cells. Sound can help break up or release these emotions by storing a new frequency of sound in the cells. The molecules in our bodies carry a large percentage of water and water, which has the ability to hold memory, is the primary building block of our bodies cells.

I recently was invited to teach a sound healing workshop in Joshua Tree California. I became a certified sound healer in 2010 and I have studied under Tom Kenyon for the last seven years. Tom Kenyon teaches that sound has the ability to transform into a carrier wave for intentionality. What this inevitably means is that through your intentions you are able to use the vehicle of sound to affect any of these physiological systems below:

  • Mental/Emotional Experiences

  • Brain Wave Activity

  • Blood Pressure

  • Respiration

  • Heart Rate

  • Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Response

While I was in Joshua Tree I met a Doctor named Steven Schwartz who is revolutionizing the way we are able to experience sound through bioacoustic technologies. Dr. Schwartz created a sound lounge where you lay your body on a table imbedded with speakers and the body vibrates with sound. To be fully immersed you place these high-quality head phones over your ears and then listen to one of Dr. Schwartz’s unique sound creations. Here is some of the music offered:

  • Energy Clearing

  • Cellular Attunement

  • Cell Cleanser

  • Transformation & Abundance

"Music from Bioharmonic Technologies is a powerful tool for influencing a variety of physiological processes ranging from emotional balancing, brain and nervous system balancing, tissue healing, consciousness expansion and optimal human performance creation." ~ Dr. Schwartz

Dr. Schwartz on his table

I spent a lot of time in the sound lounge during my trip to Joshua Tree. My favorite experience with the sound tables was when they played the song of the plants, also known as audible resonance of plants over the speakers. I listened to the music of white sage and cacao! The recording of plant frequencies is not a new technology, but it is being utilized more and studied for the effects on the human body.

The metamorphosis of my personal journey with sound has been remarkable and the most beneficial in expanding my own consciousness. The more knowledge I obtain, the more I am convinced that sound will change the way our medical system looks at healing the human body.

We must remember sound has been used in indigenous cultures for thousands of years to promote healing in the body. Intention to balance the body can be carried through mantras, musical instruments or song, commonly known as lifting your spirits.

This is just a glimpse at the amazing world of sound. If you want to experience more, I will be holding a sound workshop June 16th at 6pm at the Balance Yoga Center in Redding California. Click here for more information. 

For more information about sound healing, meditation or yoga you can contact me, Mysti Green at or visit my website

To learn more about Dr. Steven Schwartz visit his website:

Mysti Green is a modern day Mystic that is in love with the natural and spiritual Worlds. She has traveled to many places around the World to experience sacred ceremony and found a deep Heart connection with the people of the Andes’ and Himalayas. Her passion for sharing sound, yoga and meditation with others and being able to express her true self in her work brought her to this path of teaching. Mysti's ultimate goal is to help students and clients find a pathway to their own inner MaGicK while having lots of fun. Mysti has certifications in Sound Healing, Yoga, Ascended Numerology, Advanced Massage, Ayurvedic Clinical Specialist, Ayurvedic Rituals for Women Through the Lifespan & Astrology.

To find out more or make an appointment with Mysti you can visit her website at or email her at

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